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It doesn't have to be anything fancy

(just you are enough)

Luka and Sam
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Welcome to the community for the relationship between ER's Luka Kovac and Sam Taggart. The community name comes from a quotation of Sam's from the episode "Where There's Smoke": "It doesn't have to be anything fancy."

Come on in, post away, and there are just a few guidelines. Actually only two, because I'm easy to please:

-All spoilers must be behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do that, check the FAQs before you post. And yes, information about an episode is spoilerish until the episode has finished being aired on the West coast of the US.

-No character/actor bashing of any kind. Feel free to state why you don't like a character/pairing/etc. but no bashing.

...brought to you by your friendly maintainer, kate2130...feel free to contact me with any questions/issues.